Andrew Bogue

medix kick off 2019 stories

My First Kick-Off: Stories from Medix Teammates

Kick-Off is a Medix team tradition. During this annual meeting, hundreds of Medix teammates join together for three days of team building, keynote speakers and professional development. In addition to awards recognizing achievements in both business and philanthropy, teammates also share speeches – known as MedixTalks – which bring to life Medix core values by […]

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little job interview tips

7 Little Job Interview Tips that Make a Big Difference

A man enters an office building to interview for his dream job. After preparing thoroughly for the job interview, he’s feeling confident. After all, he’s done thorough research about the company, printed out extra copies of his expertly written resume and even had a friend help him through a few mock interviews. Now, it’s his […]

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Oscar nominees

9 Quotes from Oscar Nominees to Inspire Your Career

Awards season is here once again! As the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences rolls out the red carpet to celebrate Hollywood’s finest, all eyes turn to this year’s Oscar nominees. Sure, the bright lights and big stages make for an exciting scene, but strip away the glitz and the glamour and what’s left? […]

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resume writing master class

Resume Writing: The Comprehensive Guide for Job Seekers

The resume has stood the test of time as the single most important document needed for finding a job. In fact, it is said the the first example of professional resume writing may date all the way back to 1482, for a document belonging to none other than Leonardo da Vinci! While certain elements of […]

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