Andrew Bogue

improv comedy next job

Improv Comedy Will Land You Your Next Job

No, this is not a joke: improv comedy will land you your next job. That’s right – it won’t be your slick resume, that perfectly pressed suit or your firm, no-nonsense handshake that saves the day; it’s going to be improvisation. Let’s backtrack a bit, because I would have thought that idea was absolutely bonkers […]

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chris coon medix seattle

Medix Teammate Spotlight: Chris, Sales Manager in Seattle

Medix is growing to meet the needs of our talent and clients wherever they may be! In a special edition of our Medix Teammate Spotlight series, we’re traveling to our newest office in Seattle, Washington to meet Sales Manager, Chris. He shares why he’s excited to take on new opportunities in the brand new home […]

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summertime job interview

Don’t Sweat It: 5 Tips for Your Summertime Job Interview

When you think of summer, resumes and job applications might not be the first things that come to mind. However, a summertime job interview could be the perfect opportunity to heat things up in your career! Unfortunately, the things that might make summer your favorite season can also make the interview process challenging. Sweltering temperatures […]

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add excitement to your job interview

Job Interview Fireworks: 4 Exciting Ways to Dazzle as a Candidate

Let’s be honest, resumes, application forms and formal job interviews don’t necessarily scream “excitement!” However, there are ways for candidates to spice up the black-and-white world of job searching with a little bit of fireworks – not the ones that require fire, but the career kind! After all, recruiters and hiring managers don’t want to […]

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You’re Awesome: 7 Ways to Inject Positive Speech into Your Workday

Let’s face it, positive speech can be difficult to come by these days. Between stressful workdays, toxic comment threads online (never read the comments!) and heated social media arguments, encouraging words are often in short supply. Believe it or not, the words we choose to use can have a direct effect on the way others […]

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