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Enjoy the Holidays with Coworkers, Too!

The holiday season puts special emphasis on spending time with the people you care about, mainly friends and family. But what about your coworkers? You spend a large part of your day with them, so why only leave the holiday cheer at home? There are ways you can enjoy season at work with your coworkers, too:

Organize a Team Lunch

During the holidays, many people are in and out of the office for various family commitments. Find a day when most, if not everyone, is in the office and go to your favorite lunch place as an informal holiday celebration.

Throw an After-Work Holiday Party

Holiday parties are a staple of the season. Many organizations host a company holiday party, but who said there just has to be one party? If your home is big enough, buy some eggnog, put on your ugly holiday sweater, turn on your holiday playlist and invite your teammates over to really celebrate the season!

Put Together a Gift Exchange

You really cannot go wrong with a little gift exchange! Organize a Secret Santa among coworkers with an inexpensive price limit or arrange a White Elephant exchange, and enjoy the treasures coming from the depths your coworkers’ basements.

Give Back to the Community Together

‘Tis the season for giving back! Get a group of coworkers together to volunteer at a food pantry or to collect donations for a toy drive. Not only do you get a gratifying feeling from giving back, you will have fun and create a bond with coworkers from getting involved together.

Most Importantly, Be Courteous!

You’ll most likely be taking a little personal time this season, so when you do, be sure you don’t leave anyone hanging. Let them know when you’ll be gone, when you’ll come back and if they’re waiting on something from you, get it to them before you leave. You don’t want to accidently put your teammates behind a deadline or create more work for them.

The holiday season is supposed to full of celebration, togetherness and fun! We all want to enjoy the season, so bring holiday cheer into the office, too!