3 Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Healthcare IT Career

Happy National Healthcare IT week! It’s time to take a step back and shine a spotlight on healthcare’s unsung heroes – IT workers. These professionals play a key role in transforming and adapting care, so this week is focused on spreading awareness about the critical nature of their work. While we celebrate the hard-working healthcare […]

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Medix Clinical Research to Host Workshop and Exhibit at Global Site Solutions Summit 2017

(Boca Raton, Florida) September 25, 2017 – Medix Clinical Research, a team within Medix focused on workforce solutions within pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical device industries, will host a workshop and exhibit at the Global Site Solutions Summit from October 6-8. “We’re excited to present our hands-on workshop, ‘Right Team – Right Now’ with summit attendees […]

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Steve Jobs

5 Workplace Leadership Lessons as Told by Steve Jobs

Excitement seems to fill the air anytime a tech industry giant releases a new, shiny item to the public. The promise of the latest innovations suddenly being available at our fingers tips can be an exciting and awe-inspiration revelation. However, these breakthroughs don’t just happen overnight; innovation is the result of many different people with […]

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workplace education

Microlearning and its Advantages in the Workplace

Fast-paced, personalized, and instantly gratifying are all characteristics defining the wants, needs and trends of modern-day society. We have everything we need at our fingertips, heightening our curiosity while simultaneously shortening our attention span. In such a fast-paced, busy world, the new trend microlearning feeds this new pace of life and has been found to […]

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