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Conflict of Interest and the Impact on Site Operations

“Patients and the public benefit when physicians and researchers collaborate with pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies to develop products that benefit individual and public health. At the same time, concerns are growing that wide-ranging financial ties to industry may unduly influence professional judgments involving the primary interests and goals of medicine”4 When a site […]

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You’re Awesome: 7 Ways to Inject Positive Speech into Your Workday

Let’s face it, positive speech can be difficult to come by these days. Between stressful workdays, toxic comment threads online (never read the comments!) and heated social media arguments, encouraging words are often in short supply. Believe it or not, the words we choose to use can have a direct effect on the way others […]

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Medix Clinical Research to Exhibit at DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting

(Boston) June 19, 2017 – Medix Clinical Research, a division of Medix’s scientific team focused on workforce solutions within Pharmaceuticals, Biotech and Medical Device industries, is set to present its latest innovations at the DIA 2018 54th Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts from June 24-28. “DIA’s Global Annual Meeting presents a unique opportunity for our […]

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Hiring Managers: 7 Key Reports and Data Points You Need to Know

The lessons found when digging into data is driving teams to become more efficient and effective in all areas of the economy, but what about hiring managers? By leveraging information from internal and external sources, analytics can provide simple solutions to some of the most complex pains teams encounter. Why, then, are hiring managers still […]

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Automation and Staffing: How Tech is Transforming Hiring

Throughout my experience with staffing technology and automation, what I have found most exciting  (and, ironically, most comforting) is that nobody is an expert in the field of automation. At least, this won’t be the case for long.   First and foremost, it’s important to define exactly what we mean by “automation,” because the term […]

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