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Conquer Public Speaking With These Tips

Picture yourself standing on a stage in front of a large crowd of strangers. You’re trying to recall details on the topic you’re speaking about, but you suddenly lose your train of thought. You tell yourself to picture everyone in their underwear, but it doesn’t work. Why do people say that works?! Sweat drips down […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Healthcare IT Career

Happy National Healthcare IT week! It’s time to take a step back and shine a spotlight on healthcare’s unsung heroes – IT workers. These professionals play a key role in transforming and adapting care, so this week is focused on spreading awareness about the critical nature of their work. While we celebrate the hard-working healthcare […]

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StressFALL: Improving Office Stress Management this Season

Stress is powerful. In the heat of a hectic moment, your heart rate elevates and your blood pressure increases due to the human body’s natural fight or flight response; however, according to the American Psychological Association, smaller stressful bursts stretched out over the course of a regular work week can cause this response to be […]

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Steve Jobs

5 Workplace Leadership Lessons as Told by Steve Jobs

Excitement seems to fill the air anytime a tech industry giant releases a new, shiny item to the public. The promise of the latest innovations suddenly being available at our fingers tips can be an exciting and awe-inspiration revelation. However, these breakthroughs don’t just happen overnight; innovation is the result of many different people with […]

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Sayonara Summer. 5 Work Habits to Change this Fall

It’s time for investing in chunky sweaters, budgeting for pumpkin spice lattes and studying up on FOOTBALL! While fall brings those weird sports rituals and yummy soul food, there are also habits to pick up on in the workplace. The laid-back demeanor of summer needs to change soon because the end of the year is […]

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