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interview thank you note

Mastering the Art of the Thank You Note for Job Seekers

You know that feeling when you absolutely knock a job interview out of the park? That “get into the car and crank the music to 11” kind of feeling? Success on interview day can have you saying “thank you!” to anyone and  everyone within shouting distance; on the flip side, a not-so-stellar interview performance can […]

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clinical research

Medix Celebrates Clinical Trials Day with Voices from the Industry

ACRP’s Clinical Trials Day helps raise clinical trial awareness and honors clinical research professionals by recognizing their contributions to public health and medical progress. In honor of this day of industry recognition, we asked clinical research professionals from across the industry to share their stories and thoughts about the impactful work they do: Why did […]

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entry level job search

8 Job Search Tips for New Graduates

Cue Pomp and Circumstance! It’s graduation! It’s a time for celebration. The new chapter is here! But for many, it’s a sharp realization that the new chapter has yet to be written. Now cue the job search. If you don’t know what’s next for you, don’t panic. Your opportunity is out there; you just need […]

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job search skills

What Are Transferable Skills and How Can They Impact Your Job Search?

Transferable Skills (n.) Definition: Aptitude and knowledge acquired through personal experience, such as schooling, jobs, classes, hobbies, sports, etc. Basically, any talent developed and able to be used in future employment situations. Examples: Transferable skill through school – learning time management by delegating certain times of the day to homework, class and extracurricular activities. Transferable skill through a job – […]

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