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3 Ways to Avoid Job Offer Blindness

We talk a lot about how to find a job, but what do you do once you’re closing in on one? This is a question that commonly gets clouded by the fact that a potential job is sitting right in front of our face. The mere excitement that comes with the fact that the excruciating […]

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Get Rid of These 4 Resume Mishaps Once and for All!

If you had to take a wild guess at how long recruiters browse through a resume, what would it be? A) 2 minutes B) 4 minutes C) 5 minutes According to a study done by The Ladders, it’s actually none of the above, “recruiters spend only 6 seconds reviewing an individual resume.” That’s right, it can take just six short seconds to […]

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Medix Celebrates 15 Years!

Medix is celebrating 15 years of positively impacting lives! We started with the  core purpose of positively impacting lives with one small office in a Chicago suburb, and now we’ve grown to serve our talent and clients across the United States. As we set our sights on the future, we wanted to thank everyone who […]

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