overcoming challenges in a job interview

Talking About Overcoming Challenges in a Job Interview

“Tell me about a time you faced a challenge. How did you overcome it?”  When it comes to job interviews, bringing up your accomplishments is the easy part. After all, who doesn’t like sharing stories about their most successful moments? The question is: Are you comfortable answering questions about the times you’ve faced obstacles in […]

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Personality and Behavioral Assessments for Job Seekers

Increasingly, employers are turning to behavioral assessments to better understand their job candidates and employees. These assessments, also referred to as personality assessments, come in many shapes and sizes, but the goal is ultimately the same – to evaluate what drives potential employees in order to hire the right people for the right roles and […]

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Sharing Your Strengths and Weaknesses in a Job Interview

“What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?” Talk about a doozy of a question! For most of us, sharing our answer might be difficult with a trusted friend, let alone with someone we just met. Yet, it’s all but guaranteed that you’ll be faced with questions asking you to define your strengths and weaknesses during […]

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How Your Personal Brand Can Connect You to Career Opportunities

“You are the CEO of your own company – your life! And everything you do, whether you realize it or not, is marketing.” – James Jacobi, Medix Impact Podcast Episode 8 We’re all pretty accustomed to the idea of companies using branding – the process of creating a unique name and image for a product in […]

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Networking Your Way to a New Job

“Networking” is one of those words that has a ton of different meanings depending on who you ask. To some, it means linking up with the world on social media. To others, its all about a firm handshake and face-to-face conversation. No matter how you go about it, networking at its core is pretty simple […]

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