Positively Impacting Lives

breast cancer survivor

A Thin Red Line

All that you, a casual observer, can see is a thin red line. That’s all that remains of my big, beautiful, sustenance-producing, cleavage plunging, double Ds that nearly killed me. One thin, red, line. It covers nearly half my circumference. It has no feeling. It has no shape. It serves no purpose. It’s numb. What […]

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Embracing Change

Over the holiday weekend, myself, my husband and our three kids traveled to the Northwoods to enjoy the fall colors and help my dad clean up the cabin for the winter. My parents bought a place on the Cisco Chain in Watersmeet, Michigan when I was in college. It’s everything a cabin should be – […]

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Where Does the Time Go?

It’s been a year since we last spoke. At this time last year, I was recovering from a surgery to repair a lost expander.  I was still in treatment, still making my way through the meandering journey of living through cancer. I am, again, just out of surgery, had hoped to be “flat” by now, […]

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The Faces of Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

September is a time of year filled with such hope and change. School is getting underway; leaves are beginning to turn. September is also a month that calls us forth into action. We have enjoyed the long lazy days of summer, and now it is time to get back to work. Action and change both […]

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