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medix veterans

Medix Teammate Spotlight: Veterans Edition

Veterans Day is a time to honor all who serve in the U.S. military. To continue our recognition beyond this special day, we are highlighting some of our very own Medix teammates who have served our country. In candid interviews, John, Mike, Brittany, Jeb and Luke share key parts of their military story and teach […]

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jeni moore show up breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Survivor Stories: Show Up

Today, a lifelong friend reached out to me to share her woes. Her husband has been diagnosed with cancer and the outlook is unsettling. There was strength and humility in her voice. There was searching – for reassurance – and to vent. I think she needed to connect with someone who had run the race. […]

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breast cancer survivor stories numbers

Breast Cancer Survivor Stories: By the Numbers

Eighth grade has a lot of ups and downs. Puberty. Zits. Extreme emotions. Trying to figure out how and where to fit in. Choosing your own clothing. Name brands. Becoming responsible for your school work in a more profound and potentially dangerous way. Body odor. School dances. Makeup. Dating. Wearing proper clothing outside. Coats aren’t […]

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breast cancer survivor stories firsts

Breast Cancer Survivor Stories: A Lot of Firsts

The old adage, “you never really know what you are capable of until you’re faced with what you’ve never done,” couldn’t be more true. I have never been fly fishing. I have never been to Pennsylvania. I have never driven a car in New York City. But, an opportunity presented itself to me – and […]

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breast cancer awareness month the gift

Breast Cancer Survivor Stories: The Gift

Those fateful words “it’s malignant” took my breath away. Nearly three years ago, on a cold Saturday night, on the phone in my bedroom closet, my radiologist delivered the words that altered my life’s story. Now, out of treatment, surgery and therapy for almost a year, looking back on that moment and the chain reaction […]

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