Positively Impacting Lives

Five Signs You Have the Right People on Your Team

“It was inspiring to see Murad Al-Katib, CEO of AGT Food, named Ernst & Young’s 2017 World Entrepreneur of the Year. Al-Katib, a master of supply-chain innovation, was recognized not only for building one of the world’s largest vertically integrated agricultural supply chains, but also for his heroic humanitarian efforts to feed Syrian refugees. Al-Katib’s story is particularly […]

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Why Your Business Needs a Double Bottom Line: Profits and Purpose

Inc. Magazine’s Jeff Haden recently interviewed Medix CEO Andrew Limouris about finding purpose beyond profit. Here’s a preview of his story: “As the leader of a company, your job is to build that company — increasing revenue, increasing profits, and increasing overall value. And your employees certainly understand that, but still: A single-minded focus on maximizing profits […]

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The Power of Purpose for Transitioning Veterans

This Friday will mark my first Veterans Day as a member of the prestigious class of people who call themselves, “Veterans.”  It will be the first Veterans Day since I was 18 years old where I didn’t have an Army Active Duty Service Obligation (ADSO) dictating what I will do, when I will do it […]

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Dear Ole Dad

Over the course of the last six weeks, I’ve been off and on caring for my 76-year-old father. He has adult-onset type 2 diabetes, and has lost the majority of his middle toe bone on his right foot in several surgeries over the last few weeks. Tomorrow, we are expecting the results of an MRI, […]

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breast cancer survivor

A Thin Red Line

All that you, a casual observer, can see is a thin red line. That’s all that remains of my big, beautiful, sustenance-producing, cleavage plunging, double Ds that nearly killed me. One thin, red, line. It covers nearly half my circumference. It has no feeling. It has no shape. It serves no purpose. It’s numb. What […]

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