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Screening & Selection Process

To ensure our clients receive outstanding candidates, Medix’s recruiters follow a strict quality control process, including telephone screening, a personal interview, reference checks, testing and licensure verification, and if required, a drug screen or background check.  This extensive process provides a thorough assessment of each candidate.



Telephone Screening

This initial communication allows us to gauge each person’s overall skill set and determine whether or not they are a potential candidate for our client.

Personal Interview

A personal interview ensures that the candidate is briefed on the client’s project in detail, understands our approach to the project and is a good fit for the company.  It allows us the opportunity to assess interpersonal skills, professionalism and ability to communicate effectively.

Reference Verification

We obtain detailed technical and professional references from a minimum of two previous employers to verify skills and prior job performance.

Testing and Licensing Verification

All professional and technical licenses are verified with the appropriate state licensing body and are checked on a monthly basis, if necessary.  We also conduct specific testing on each candidate to assess their skills.  This is done through partnerships with accredited organizations, as well as through proprietary skills tests developed to meet the specific requirements of each market we service.

Drug Screen/Background Check

We perform pre-employment drug screens and background checks to meet clients’ specific requirements, some of which include:

o   County Criminal Record

o   Education Verification

o   Federal District Criminal Record

o   OIC/GSA Fraud Search

o   Social Security Verification

o   Driving Record

Candidate Selection

Understanding our clients and candidates on a personal level is an integral part of our hiring process.  During the screening phase, we look for more than skills match and job experience. We evaluate a candidate’s behavior, personality and attitude to determine how he/she will best serve our client.

Detailed Employee Orientation

Another competitive advantage of Medix is its employee orientation program.  We analyze our client’s operational demands in order to build a suitable profile to match candidates to your organization.  Once a candidate is selected, we compose a detailed job description to inform him or her of the specific responsibilities, company rules, policies and expectations.  As an added courtesy, a Medix representative will personally escort the candidate to your job site for a smooth transition.

On-Site Supervision

Medix can provide clients with an on-site coordinator to manage the day-to-day operations of their temporary work force.

Payrolling Employee Evaluation

Medix understands that sometimes it is not practical or possible for clients to put a temporary person onto their payroll. Our payroll program frees clients of this responsibility.  The program is ideal for summer college/high school students, seasonal help and company retirees.  Many of our clients also use the payrolling program to immediately start a full-time employee who cannot officially be on the company payroll until all pre-employment screening has been completed.

Employee Evaluation

All employees are monitored by one of our placement professionals to ensure that they are performing as expected.  Quality assurance calls and employee evaluation reports are just two of the methods we use to make certain our employees are providing the level of service we promise.