Corporate Responsibility: What Mark will YOUR Company Leave?

Medix Team Helping Out at Chicago Food Depository
To anyone who has a computer to surf or cable to watch nightly news, or even remote hermits who have enough social interaction to hear any whispers or chatter about world events, it is widely known and glaringly obvious that the natural disasters across the globe seem to have been increasing in frequency and devastation.  It seems that nightly news channels, radio waves, and social media streams are flooded with an influx of horror stories associated with recent natural disasters,  from hurricanes to earthquakes to tsunamis to twister outbreaks.  In addition to those suffering from disaster devastation, there are countless other groups we might pass by every day that are suffering: the poor, the hungry, the sick, the abandoned, the abused. Therefore, there has been no time more crucial than now to examine your company’s corporate responsibility plan.  As organizations with connections and resources, there are vast ways we can offer our support.  Whether it’s through giving our time, donations, financial backing, or simply helping raise awareness, there is no shortage of ways we can help, and no shortage of deserving causes to contribute to.

Medix Team Participating in Stuffed Animal Drive
for Hospitalized Children

Corporate responsibility in a fundamental business sense is your way to shed good light on your organization to partners, clients, customers, etc.  People are more willing to associate with companies and brands that resonate good will.  Beyond the business perks of investing in corporate responsibility, it is simply good for the soul.  You can never get enough of the warm-and-fuzzies inside after you help someone in need.

[youtube=]See this video for Western Union’s take on corporate responsibility in response to the earthquake in Haiti. How can your organization make its mark?

Medix Team at a Charity Race

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