Guest Post from Medix CEO Andrew: A Challenge to Positively Impact a Life

MedixMedix’s core purpose of positively impacting lives is everywhere within our organization, and we remind each other that the extra mile doesn’t need to be grand; it can be simple. In our fast-paced workdays, it’s easy to overlook the small opportunities to make another person’s day a little better. Let’s change this! Throughout the remainder of the week, I challenge all of you to see and act upon the everyday ways to positively impact a life:

  • Give up your seat: If you’re a commuter, and you see someone come on the full bus/train who is carrying something heavy, give that person your seat!
  • Pay it forward: In a long coffee line? Buy the coffee for the person behind you. You never know, you could start a long chain of paying it forward!
  • Smile and say hi: When you make eye contact with a passerby, smile and say hi. Simple acknowledgement can put a smile on his/her face in return.
  • Hold that door: Regardless of how rushed you are, if you see someone behind you, always hold the door! Trust me, it’ll take no more than a couple seconds.
  • Say thank you: Saying a heartfelt thanks to a teammate who has been there for you is one of the easiest ways to make someone’s day!
  • Reach out: Send an email, text or message or call a loved one who you have not talked to in a while. He/she would love to hear from you! 

Small gestures can make the biggest impact, so this week, start looking for these and other opportunities to make someone’s day better.

Do you have a suggestion for a simple way to impact a life? Leave a comment! I would love to hear!

One thought on “Guest Post from Medix CEO Andrew: A Challenge to Positively Impact a Life

  1. Andrew, the one I’ve been loving lately is passing along a complement. When in conversation with someone, if they say something complementary about another person who I know, I then email that person to let them know what was said. The response has always been VERY positive. It’s a great way to build a “positive zone” environment around you!

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