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Summer Reading Catch-Up: Our Favorite Articles and Blog Posts

summer readingSummer reading is a favorite warm-weather activity for many! Books on the beach, magazines in the lounge chairs – relaxation at its finest! If you’re bringing your tablet by the poolside (or sitting in your office, wishing you were by the poolside!), check out some of our favorite articles and blog posts you might have missed so far this summer:


Job Seekers 

Mashable: 4 Skills that Will Help You Stand Out in Any Job Interview

Medix Blog: Preparing for the Job Search (Guest Post)

Fast Company: How Can I Get A Good Job With No Experience?

Daily Muse: 3 Reasons You Keep Getting Interviews, But No Offers

Fortune: Here are the 2 Qualities that Could Make or Break a Job Interview

Medix Blog: Great Verbs to Put on Your Resume to Replace “Responsible for” and Other Tired Phrases

Simply Hired: Job Interview Question: What Motivates You?

Medix Blog: Six Ways You Could Accidentally be Sabotaging Your Job Search


Currently Employed 

Medix Blog: Dress for Success this Summer! 10 Tips to Maintain a Professional Summer Wardrobe

Business Insider: Here is the Perfect Way to End an Email — and 28 Terrible Sign Offs

Mashable: How to Get that Promotion You’ve Been Waiting for

Medix Blog: How to Handle Workplace Stress – 7 Tips

Inc: 11 Foolproof Ways to Start a Conversation with Absolutely Anyone

Entrepreneur: 5 Ways to Help Yourself Grow Professionally

Medix Blog: Time for Summer Vacation! 5 Things to Do Before You Hit the Road

Medix Blog: Tips for a Quick Start to Your Morning



CareerBuilder, The Hiring Site: The Emotional Cost of Turnover 

Harvard Business Review: The Top Complaints from Employees About Their Leaders

Entrepreneur: 7 Ways to Increase Your Charisma

Medix Blog: Guest Post from Medix CEO Andrew: My Favorite Business and Leadership Books

TINYpulse: 18 Creative Employee Recognition Ideas

Medix Blog: Work-Life Balance Tips for the Summer

Simply Hired: Five Dos and Don’ts of Your First Management Position

Medix Blog: Leadership Advice We Learned From Mom


We hope you enjoy your summer reading catch up!

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