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Tips for Preparing Your Team for the Holiday Season

The second that last trick-or-treating toddler turns in on Halloween night, a sweeping transition takes place. Familiar, happy songs invade the air waves; thoughts of home cooked meals and reunions warm our minds, and the mad dash to schedule time-off begins.

It’s time for the holidays!

Even though it may feel as though we start celebrating the holiday season earlier than ever, the many festivities waiting at the end of the quarter still have a way of creeping up on us. If you’re not careful, a lack of preparation can leave you and your team overworked and over-stressed when you should be overjoyed and overstuffed with cookies.

Here are a few tips for preparing for holidays so that your team doesn’t go from good to Grinch:

Communicate the Need to Schedule Early, Often

Some last minute scrambling might be unavoidable around this special time of year, but a little planning can go a long way. Be sure to clearly communicate the need to schedule time-off with your team well before anticipated holidays, with clear expectations.

Stick to Deadlines

If you’ve been up front and clear with office holiday time-off parameters, sticking to well-defined deadlines for submitting requests should be a cinch. Remaining consistent with your time-off request process will ensure that the team is being treated equally and time is divided fairly.

Additionally, do not allow this adapted schedule to delay or derail project deadlines you have been tracking. Striking a strong work-life balance is extremely important during this time of year, so be sure to work in manageable goals within this adapted schedule. Getting the entire team together for meetings will be especially difficult, so be sure to build in this time if your defined deadlines require this type of work.

Know your Boundaries

While you can’t allow productivity to suffer entirely due to seasonal plans, make sure to keep work and time-off entirely separated for all team members. Even though technology makes our work more mobile than ever, nothing can turn a celebration sour faster than receiving frantic emails and calls from the office. If your team has been considerate in communicating their needed time off, return that consideration in kind by leaving work at work!

Work Together

When it’s all said and done, joining together to support one another is what a team is all about! Make sure to foster this sense of support throughout the team by allowing each member to easily access everyone’s updated schedules. Special considerations for the extra work teammates will be taking on can make a meaningful impact as well; incentives such as mini in-office celebrations and surprise gifts can brighten hectic days.

Before you know it, the snow will be falling and the number of things on you “To-Do” list will be rising; will you be ready? Take a little time to plan ahead for the holidays with your team now, and get ready to enjoy yourself later! Do you have any other suggestions for gearing up for the holidays? Share your office tips below.

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