Clinical Research

The increased demand for clinical research trials has created talent imbalances for sites, sponsors and clinical research organizations. Demand has also created an emphasis on operational and financial efficiency for sites and sponsors looking to establish the right strategy for success. To gain the competitive edge in clinical trials, you need a partner who can balance your workforce needs and also offer expertise in operational strategies and financial solvency.

Staffing and Workforce Solutions

Medix Clinical Research gives your organization the flexibility to balance your trial portfolio by benchmarking top performers and managing therapeutic expertise to match your current and pending trials. Ultimately, Medix provides you with a sustainable workforce solution, allowing your organization to grow by finishing trials on time and within budget.

Medix Clinical Research offers a full range of staffing and workforce solutions for sites, sponsors, and CROs; just a few of the skill sets we provide include:

Sponsors & Clinical Research Organizations:

  • CRAs
  • PMs
  • Data Management

Site and Research Institutes:

  • CRCs
  • CRNs
  • Research Assistant

Clinical Trial Solutions

Medix seeks to educate and empower sites across the United States to help advance innovative, life –changing therapies for patients around the world. Our clinical staff provides the strategic solutions you need to advance your research mission forward. Every site’s need is different, so whether it’s operational or compliance based, our in-house clinical research staff is dedicated to help your site build a sustainable research program. For more information on our Clinical Trial Solutions, click here.

Solution Overview:

  • Site Operations
  • Finance

(Budget and Contracting, Revenue Collection Cycle)

  • Compliance
  • Recruitment and Retention of Talented Staff