The Art of Balancing Work and Life

A healthy work-life balance is an art that few and far between have yet to master. We are busy spending more time on the clock, slaving over work, meeting with clients and hustling to finish last minute reports that we forget about the life outside of the office. The fact that technology has allowed us to be attached at the hip to work does not help the situation.

Life is about balancing all of your passions, but what is most important is enjoying the time you have doing each! Here are some ways to help balance out the time you spend at work and the time spent at home:

Choose Wisely: The inevitable truth is that work is going to cause you to miss out on social events, family parties and other important occasions. You must be able to prioritize in order to pick events which you believe have the utmost importance to your life. Emergencies and life milestones come up so it is imperative that you plan ahead and also build a great relationship with your boss or team leader in order to be comfortable asking for time off.

Work Hard: When you clock in, make sure to make the most of your time in the office and find ways to be as productive as you possibly can. Muster up every ounce of energy to meet deadlines, finish projects and complete tasks before you leave. The harder you work, the more at ease you will feel leaving the office for the night. In turn, your time hanging out with family and friends or enjoying leisure activities will be better spent.

Plan Ahead: One of the keys to creating a balanced life is making a plan ahead of time. Looking forward to an outside activity, dinner with friend or family time after work can give you the motivation to stay focused on the clock. Without taking the time to schedule activities, you might find yourself wasting precious weekend time. Also, prioritizing responsibilities at work and allocating time to each can make it easier to finish working at a reasonable hour. Try making a to-do list for the day or maintaining a calendar for the entire week so you can pinpoint jobs that must be done.

Completely Unplug: One of the biggest challenges standing in the way of a healthy work-life balance is being able to separate entirely from work. Accessibility to technology makes it tempting to work anytime of the day, but that might take a major toll on your time outside of the office. Consider the health effects that led to decreased productivity such as exhaustion and stress. Working tirelessly 24/7 will only feed this fire. Also, when you are unable to distinguish the boundary between work and home life, you run the risk of missing out on precious time with loved ones. To break this habit, try telling coworkers you will not be available on weekends or leave your cell phone in place where you cannot access it easily at night.

Don’t forget the things that are most important in life because you are too much of a busy bee. Embrace the challenge of creating a well-rounded work-life mix so you can be a happy, productive professional. Have work-life balance tips? Share with us below:

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  1. Interesting article! Without a proper balance, our work and life can get badly affected and it results in stress and a lack of enthusiasm for life. Exercises and breaks from work help to reduce stress and refuel our creative engine.

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