Looking for Something More? Mold Your Current Job into Your Dream Job

New professionals join the working world in pursuit of their dream job, but many settle with doing a job they are not 100 percent passionate about in order to gain experience and get their foot in the door of an organization. Instead of starting over and looking for your ideal opportunity, why not try to turn the job you have into the job you want? Check out these tips to help you do so:

Learn about the Organization 

Be observant and learn about your organization, how it operates, its current needs and where it is going. If you put these pieces of the puzzle together, you will get an idea of how your skills and passion can fit in and add value. Having a clearly defined opportunity in mind will give you a goal to work toward when molding your current job.


If you are interested in eventually working for a different team or department, volunteer to help with projects and initiatives. It’s a great way to network, learn new skills and demonstrate the value you can add to the team. If you want to shift your job, but stay within the team you’re in, volunteer new ideas and offer to take on new initiatives that align with your passion. 

Communicate Career Goals 

Be your own advocate and be honest about your career goals. Tell your supervisor where you see your career going and ask for advice on how to get there. Giving your supervisor that insight will help him/her assign you work you enjoy, steer you toward the opportunities for advancement and connect you with the people who will help you achieve your goals.

As a new professional, you do not need to feel stuck. In today’s job market, it’s extremely difficult for anybody to obtain their dream job, so see your current job as the opportunity it truly is and keep working your way up!

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