Simple Ways Job Performance

Simple Ways to Improve Your Job Performance

Simple Ways Job PerformanceWhat’s the difference between working in a comfortable groove and getting stuck in a rut?

The simple answer is that it comes down to job performance. There’s a fine line between finding a work rhythm that works for you, and hitting a plateau of “good enough.” Slipping performance can be hard to recognize on your own; little by little, it is only natural to develop short-cuts and sidetracks to your work day! It’s when these little detours build up over time that major issues can occur, such as missing deadlines completely or a severe dip in quality.

If you feel as though you’re having trouble completing your daily tasks to the best of your abilities, try these simple ways to boost your job performance before it’s too late:

Communicate Clearly

Collaborating with coworkers can help to boost your performance by generating more ideas, adding outside eyes to your work and tapping into resources you might not have access to otherwise. However, for a variety of reasons, communication channels can get clogged. When responses slow or stop, whether through sitting on emails or not answering the phone, issues can begin to pile up and isolate you and your work from the rest of the team. Rather than waiting until you have a major problem on your hands, consider communicating any questions or concerns you may have with a project with your manager or colleagues. Consistent and clear communication throughout the process of your work can help keep you on track and show progress to others.

Over Organize

It is difficult to keep track of all the calls, meetings, deadlines and dates that fill up the workweek. Whether than relying on scribbled notes and short term memory, commit these dates to a stable resource as soon as possible. For example, try creating electronic calendar reminders for every checkpoint along the road for a project. Regularly scheduled alerts can keep you on target, and these updates can be shared with your team.

Mindful Movement

As the day progresses, brain drain can set in. Staying in one place and doing one task long enough is likely to throw anyone off their game, not to mention lead to costly mistakes. If you feel yourself getting physically or mentally tired, take a break and include some moments of thoughtful movement into your day. Whether it’s a walk around the block, or moving from reviewing a spreadsheet to reading a book, switch up your tasks to remain sharp and productive.

Positively You

At the end of the day, the biggest factor in determining your success is you! The change that a positive attitude can have on your job performance is truly remarkable. Do your best to approach each new task with an optimistic outlook, while still maintaining your personal style. With a little bit of positive encouragement and personality, you might just see your job performance improve!

Job performance is tied to many factors, some of which are out of your control. But, by owning what you can and taking these simple steps, you can move towards more success! Do you have any more simple steps towards an improved job performance? Share them here!

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