Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle at Work

Maintaining your healthy lifestyle at work can sometimes feel easier said than done. With coworker birthdays, team lunches and working late, eating well and fitting in time for exercise can be tough. Fortunately for your waistline, there are ways you can fight for your healthy lifestyle in the office. Follow these tips:

Take the Stairs

Stairs or elevator? For many, it’s the first choice we make every work day. Today, pick the stairs! This will help feel the burn and get your heart pumping as you start your day.

Watch Out for Portions

When cake, cookies and other goodies are sitting around, it’s hard to say no. Instead, consider taking less. That way you still get to enjoy the sweet treats without a lot of regret at the end of the day.

Bring in Healthy Snacks

If your desk is stocked with healthy snacks, you will be less likely to indulge in the sugary treats lurking throughout the office. Consider bringing in protein-rich food to keep you fuller for longer.

Stretch at Your Desk

It may seem simple, but stretching at your desk loosens you up and reenergizes you in the middle of a busy work day. Take a few moments every hour or so, take your eyes off the computer screen and do some simple stretches.

Get Moving!

Sitting around for eight hours a day is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. After you do some stretching at your desk, stand up and walk around. Take a turn around the office, visit your friend and change the scenery for a little bit.

The office does not have to be a haven for unhealthiness! Making these little changes can help you get and stay fit.

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