Tips for Making Yourself Memorable during Networking Events

If you’re a job seeker looking for your next opportunity or a seasoned professional wanting to meet more connections, chances are you have found yourself at a networking event. As you’re walking around and shaking hands, you might be making a good first impression when meeting these new connections, but is it memorable? Follow these tips to help make yourself more memorable to new professional connections at networking events:

Elevator Speech and Conversation Points 

Having an elevator speech ready to go is a great way to help your new connection remember you. Prepare a few sentences not only about yourself and your experience, but include something that makes you stand out, like a fun fact. Then take it one step further by having conversation points ready to go. Maybe you read an article about a new strategy or technology within your industry, or you recently saw a great speaker – bring those up in conversation.

Remember Names

It might seem weird, but a great way to be remembered from a networking event is to remember the people you meet, too! Make a point to memorize the names of everyone you shake hands with and repeat them in conversation with that person to convey your interest.

Be Enthusiastic

Regardless of how boring the networking event may be, don’t let that show when you’re meeting other attendees. Smile, stay enthusiastic and be ready for conversation. If you come off as approachable, more people will want to meet you and remember you for your good attitude.

Follow Up

After you leave the event, follow up with the people you met by sending them a quick email and/or adding them on LinkedIn. Thank them for the conversation, and bring up a topic you talked about to help job their memory. Make it a point to reach out to your new connections once a month or so to keep in touch.

Networking events are an awesome way to meet new people within your industry, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many people you meet, instead, it matters how many people remember who you are. If you follow our tips when you go to your next event, you are sure to walk away with new, solid connections.

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