Morning Energy

Tips for a Quick Start to your Morning

Morning EnergyHeavy eyes, fuzzy thoughts and slow feet – these are the warning signs of a full blown case of the dreaded “Monday Morning Fog.” Unfortunately, this tragically sleepy condition is not rare; during the early hours of most mornings, it’s common to see members of the affected population lining up for over-sized cups of coffee. But caffeine is only a temporary solution to this chronically drowsy disease.

Thankfully, there are ways to boost your body and brain before the morning fog takes over! Here are a few energizing tips to help set your day up for a quick start:

Make a Cheat Sheet before Sleep

A great morning starts with a successful night of sleep. But before your head hits the pillow, take a few minutes to create a checklist of your top priorities for the morning ahead. Mentally preparing, then committing these thoughts to a tangible list, ensures that your mind will be set on goals, rather than rushing to catch up.

Drink a Glass of Water

A simple step towards a refreshing morning is just a sink away! Downing a large glass of icy cold water has multiple benefits to help kick-start your day, including a metabolism boost and more oxygen in your blood. Most importantly, dehydration makes you feel tired! Sugary drinks might provide a temporary jolt, but a commitment to hydration throughout the day can lead to a consistently energetic outlook.

Get Moving!

You don’t need to complete a triathlon on your way into the office, but even a minimal amount of exercise can start sharpening you brain. Getting your blood pumping with some early activity can reduce stress and wake up your body and mind. If greeting the sun with a workout sounds like a daunting task, try thinking small to start. For example, even if you commute to the office via car or public transit, plan in some extra time for a brisk walk. Even a few laps around the block can help clear your head and set up the day for success!

Don’t let the “Monday Morning Fog” stop your day before it even starts! Taking these small steps can help to brighten your morning. Do you any additional tips for a super charged wake up? Post them below!

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