Advice for a Successful Video Interview

Have you always dreamed of living and working in Chicago or New York City, but you’re currently located in a city nowhere nearby? While job hunting in your dream cities, won’t that put you on the bottom of the list of job candidates? That’s not necessarily true these days with the technology at our fingertips. Video interviewing has been a growing trend in hiring, because it’s accessible and low-cost. As a job seeker, it might seem intimidating to video interview, but follow these tips below to help you navigate through a video interview without a hitch:


Like any interview, video interviews require preparation. Along with researching the company and practicing your responses to questions, consider these things while getting ready:

Review Your Profile

If your username is “babygirl85” or your profile picture is inappropriate, change it immediately! It should go without saying, but you need to have a professional username and profile picture if you’re planning to use your Skype or Google + account for job interviews.

Assess Your Technology

After the basics are squared-away, do a test run to make sure both the sound and video are working to avoid the awkward “Can you hear me now?” moments. Then find a trustworthy friend or mentor to conduct a mock interview to double check everything is working properly and to get honest feedback. Practice makes perfect!

Dress for Success

It may be tempting to wear your suit jacket and pajama pants because the interviewer will only see your upper body, but don’t do it. Wear your full suit in case you need to get up in the middle of the interview. You definitely don’t want to be caught in those ratty old sweatpants! Also, avoid patterned shirts, as they do not always look good on camera. Stick with dark, solid colors – anything to make your face stand out more.

Mind Your Setting

Like all video, you need to make sure the lighting is good and the background isn’t distracting. Overhead and florescent lighting can wash you out, so natural lighting is your best option. The background should be simple and tasteful – no inappropriate posters in sight! While choosing your location, consider its seclusion, as well. You don’t want anyone walking in or a noisy pet to interrupt your interview, so find a quiet room and ask others not to disturb you.

During the Interview

You may be concentrating on the questions asked, but keep these things in mind to make sure nothing distracts the interviewer:

Eye Contact

While on camera, many fixate on the screen instead of the webcam. If you do this during an interview, it looks like you’re not making eye contact, so be sure to look into the webcam, not the screen.

Add Extra Clarity and Enthusiasm

Reactions and facial expressions can translate differently on camera, so you need to compensate. Smile a little bigger, and nod your head a little more. You also need to make sure you’re not mumbling. Speak louder and clearer to ensure your interviewer can understand you.


Sit up and don’t lean too close to the camera. Also make sure you’re not slouching back and positioned very distant from the camera. The webcam should have a good shot of your head and shoulders, as well as your hands.

Post Interview

Like and phone or face-to-face interview, make sure you follow up with a proper ‘thank you’ note! Send a quick, professional email or a neat, hand-written note.

When you get a video interview request, don’t panic! Remember these tips, but also remember that video interviewing can be fun, so make sure you enjoy your interview from the comfort of home!

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