Common Mistakes When Applying for Jobs Online

The ease and convenience of applying for jobs on the Internet has drastically changed the job hunt as we know it. Driving around to collect local newspapers for wanted ads has been replaced by the simple click of the mouse. Much of this change has been positive, but like most things, it’s a double-edged sword, too. Although locating open positions may be easier these days, some say getting your foot in the door and distinguishing yourself from the rest of the potentially hundreds of online applicants is a lot harder. Avoid these mistakes to improve your chances of getting your resume in a recruiter’s hands:

Applying for Anything and Everything
Just because there are dozens of jobs available in your field does not mean you qualify for all of them. Save yourself time and frustration by carefully reading through the job description to see if your skill sets matches up.

Competition? What Competition?
The Internet levels the playing field for job hunters. Anyone can find and apply for that dream job you just saw online. This increased exposure results in increased competition. Knowing this, take a minute and figure out how you can make yourself stand out in a positive way.

Lack of Professionalism
The Internet has broken down barriers separating people, but not the need for professionalism. Writing in an informal tone can be as distracting as unprofessional attire during a job interview, so leave the abbreviations to Facebook!

Failing Check, Double Check, Triple Check
Typos are a no-no on any job application, but especially online. Do spelling checks, watch for grammar errors and read your application out loud to make sure everything sounds right.

Forget to Follow-Up
It’s important to follow up with any job application, because hiring teams are flooded with hundreds of online applications, and it’s all too easy to get lost in the shuffle. A simple phone call will make your name more memorable.

Generic Resume and Cover Letter
Yes, this rule also applies across the job searching board, but it’s even more important when applying online. Many companies have screening programs to pick out key words from resumes that match the job description. A way to get past this barrier is to carefully read through the description and use their key words in your resume.

Job boards have been a gift and a curse to the modern job seeker, but with patience and attention to detail, you can make the best out of today’s job search technology.

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