Show You’re Qualified for the Job – Don’t Just Tell!

Saying you’re qualified will only get you so far on the job hunt. With such a tough job market, competition for open opportunities can be tough. Being able to prove you’re a viable candidate is essential in your quest for trying to stand out from the crowd. Many applicants and interviewees use empty words, like “results-driven,” “hard-working” or “team player,” and in all honesty, these don’t have an impact on hiring managers. Follow this advice to help you stand out on your resume, in your cover letter and during your interview by showing you’re a qualified candidate:

On Your Resume

A resume is a document meant to highlight your best qualifications for a given position. Use this as an opportunity to show you’re experienced and skilled. Instead of saying you “work well in teams,” use a statement like, “Collaborated with a 20-member sales team and a 15-member finance team.”  Instead of writing, “go-getter,” mention the number of campaigns you took on in addition to your usual workload. Numbers are great on resumes, so try to add them in with your accomplishments, because vague, over-used adjectives won’t demonstrate your impact.

In Your Cover Letter 

Your cover letter is another great opportunity to show the hiring manager you’re qualified, as you are able to convey your professional story. Rather than throwing in as many job search clichés as you can, write about a problem you overcame in your last job. Instead of writing, “I always meet deadlines,” talk about an instance when you had some obstacles standing in your way of completing an important project, how you worked through them and ended up with a successful outcome.

During Your Job Interview

Perhaps the easiest, but most high-pressure time to show you’re qualified is during the interview. If you have a professional portfolio, bring it! Show your interviewer examples of your work by putting your best products on display. Again, don’t just throw out meaningless terms about your strong work ethic, give your interviewer examples of times when your work ethic resulted in a highly successful outcome.

Maybe in the past, words and phrases like “driven,” “detail-oriented,” and “reliable,” meant something, but in this competitive job market, you need a little more substance to impress hiring managers. Follow this advice and show the hiring manager you’re the best candidate! You can be certain that will leave a bigger impression than any cliché.

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