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Job opportunity mismatches and uncertainty plague job seekers across all industries, making it difficult for you to secure and maintain meaningful work.

Big data has bolstered every area in business, and now it’s combatting the pains of job searching for Medix’s talent through our new solution, Medix Intelligence®.

Medix Intelligence® is made up of three components: Talent Intelligence, Job Intelligence and Economic Intelligence. With these three pillars, Medix Intelligence® forms a solution that provides you the right job with the right organization at the right time.


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Through Medix Intelligence®, we partner with job seekers to learn your career aptitudes, behaviors, competencies and desires, thus eliminating employment risks by matching you to opportunities that fit your skills and values. Like more than 800 Medix talent to date, you will be set up to exceed your career goals through aligning with the right opportunity, culture and organization.

“Medix was the first agency that actually cared about the employee. (They made) sure the client was satisfied with the service as well as caring for the employee placed with the client.” – Theresa, Medix Talent

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