Epic Practice

MedixDirect®: The better solution for certified Epic talent

Healthcare leaders choose Epic to improve medical outcomes, increase interoperability and reduce system complexity. You have determined Epic is the right choice. However, meeting the recommended staffing levels to support your implementation may become too disruptive to your internal team. You risk project delays, budget issues, decreased quality of work and poor sustainability of your team.

MedixDirect® is a workforce solution designed to reduce the risks of an Epic implementation. We identify the profile of top performers in your organization and then qualify candidates who fit your corporate culture and match those aptitudes and competencies. MedixDirect® delivers certified talent at half the cost of a traditional Epic consultant and allows you to convert them to a permanent role at the end of the contract. No certification costs, no travel expenses, 100 percent local talent. You create a team of high-performing individuals who will ensure your Epic implementation is seamless.

To learn more, contact us at MedixDirect@medixteam.com.

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