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Medix Clinical Research to Exhibit at DIA 2016 52nd Annual Meeting

(Philadelphia) June 23, 2016 – Medix Clinical Research, a team focused on workforce solutions within Pharmaceuticals, Biotech and Medical Device industries, is set to exhibit its newest innovations at the DIA 2016 52nd Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA from June 26-30.

“DIA 2016 presents a fantastic opportunity to lock arms with dedicated industry leaders from around the world,” said Nick Burrows, Director of Medix Clinical Research. “We’re excited to share our latest proficiencies and learn of new scientific advancements with all of the DIA attendees.”

“We encourage those attending to visit the Medix Team at Booth 848 to discuss what our organization has to offer and earn a chance at winning a Fitbit!”

The goal of the Annual DIA Meeting is to provide teams with a rare opportunity to build on what organizations already know in the development of new therapies and accelerate efforts to enhance health and well-being. The Annual Meeting is the largest global interdisciplinary event that brings together innovators from industries involved in the discovery, development, and life cycle management of health care products.

“Medix looks forward to working together with scientific leaders to encourage positive advancements in the field,” said Burrows. “An event as impactful as this offers a unique chance to share new information about the industry to fuel future developments.”

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About Medix Clinical Research

The increased demand for clinical research trials has created talent imbalances for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and clinical research organizations. These organizations consistently struggle to balance not only finding the right talent at the right time as new trials begin, but also the burden of potentially furloughing and sacrificing people when trials come to a close. Medix Clinical Research gives your organization the flexibility to balance your trial portfolio by profiling and benchmarking top performers and managing specific therapeutic expertise to match your current and pending trials. Additionally, Medix Clinical Research will help place your team in different positions at the end of your trials and bring this talent back to your team when you need it again. Medix provides you with a sustainable and long-term workforce solution, allowing your organization to grow by finishing trials on time and within budget.

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