Advice for Job Seekers

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Managing Online Job Search Expectations

There’s no avoiding it these days – technology has become a crucial part of job searching. With so many jobs right at your fingertips, it can be overwhelming to know where to start or how to maximize your online job search results. In the same way that you have many jobs at your fingertips, hiring […]

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4 Skills to Develop Now to Get Hired As a New Grad

Graduation is approaching in May, which means there’s still time to plan for your first career move! Between school work piling up, finals approaching and the “last time” for every fun event, new grads need to consider how the future might look when school comes to close. If you haven’t gotten a head start on […]

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5 Things Exceptional Job Seekers Do Differently

Finding the perfect job opportunity and standing out among other job applicants in a competitive market is really tough. Nowadays, your job search requires more than a resume, cover letter and interview. How exactly do you know if you’re putting yourself in the right position to outperform your peers and land a job? Fortunately, there […]

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Boo! How to Overcome 4 Spooky Job Search Fears

Happy Halloween! Today is about all of the creatures that instill fear in our minds, right? Well, some may argue that the scariest thing of all is having to find a job. If you’re a little spooked and still searching, it’s time to face your fears, ladies and gentleman! In light of Halloween, we put […]

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Cover Letters: The Ultimate Guide for Job Seekers

“A cover letter can make the difference between two equally qualified candidates,” -John O’Neill, Assistant Dean of the Career Education for Stanford University. There’s a lot of conflict over whether cover letters are meaningful and if job candidates actually need to write them anymore. This is a valid question and an ongoing argument. Spoiler alert: […]

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