5 Signs That You’re Brainstorming Wrong

There was a time when leaders thought they had found the solution to all workplace problems in collaboration. The concept just made sense, after all. By combining multiple viewpoints in the office, a team should be able to create a final product that’s much more than the sum of its individual parts. As collaborative initiatives […]

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Boost Team Creativity with These Techniques

Where does creative inspiration come from? Offices around the world are changing in search of the elusive creative spark, and the signs of this shift are everywhere. Cubicles are being replaced with free flowing, open offices; drab workspaces are being repainted with vibrant colors; more and more out-of-the-box activities, from ping-pong to free snacks, are […]

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Group Idea Generation

Improv Techniques at Work: Idea Generation

It’s hard to describe where the inspiration for an idea comes from. Deep down inside, there’s a special, undeniable feeling that’s triggered when that little light bulb goes off in your head. Unfortunately, getting to that point is often easier said than done. While it’s impossible to plan for inspiration, it’s entirely in our control […]

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Teamwork Through Improv

Improv Techniques at Work: Team Building

Building a strong sense of team can be a challenge; sometimes it takes more than a few meetings and the occasional lunch outing to form a strong group mind. However, the benefits of nurturing a connected, collaborative team are too valuable to ignore. If you find your team caught in an uncomfortable rut, try playing […]

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