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Conflict of Interest and the Impact on Site Operations

“Patients and the public benefit when physicians and researchers collaborate with pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies to develop products that benefit individual and public health. At the same time, concerns are growing that wide-ranging financial ties to industry may unduly influence professional judgments involving the primary interests and goals of medicine”4 When a site […]

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HR Solutions: Who is Figuring Out Your Finances?

Let’s be honest; clinical trial billing is complex. It is riddled with complex protocols, dual billing systems (third-party payers and sponsors/CROs), hidden costs, payment delays and lack of descriptions of payments received. Meanwhile, federal regulators are investigating fraud and abuse in systems fraught with user error. Accuracy in clinical trial billing is a necessity for site […]

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HR Solutions: What is the Outlook for Principal Investigators?

When asking my Magic 8 Ball on the likelihood of recruiting and retaining experienced principal investigators (PIs), the responses was, “the outlook is not good.” We all know the reasons why: Decreased NIH grant funding available to support academic careers (1) Increased regulatory requirements regarding ICH, HIPAA and Meaningful Use (2) Study budgets have remained […]

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Medix Clinical Research to Host Workshop and Exhibit at Global Site Solutions Summit 2017

(Boca Raton, Florida) September 25, 2017 – Medix Clinical Research, a team within Medix focused on workforce solutions within pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical device industries, will host a workshop and exhibit at the Global Site Solutions Summit from October 6-8. “We’re excited to present our hands-on workshop, ‘Right Team – Right Now’ with summit attendees […]

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HR Solutions: Don’t Underestimate Labor Costs in Your Budgets

At some point, we have all used this calculation: Labor Role (e.g., coordinator) = (Hourly rate + benefits) X Number of hours to do the assessment or visit the clinical trial. Pretty straight forward, right? Wrong. This simple under calculation is the reason sites struggle to afford quality or additional employees, and also retain them. […]

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