goal setting

Reaching Your Super Bowl: A Guide to Goal Setting

At Medix, we celebrate the major team milestones our organization reaches by calling them, “Super Bowls.” Just like the NFL’s biggest game of the same name, reaching a Super Bowl at Medix is cause for some major celebration. We even have championship rings made to commemorate the occasion! After all, when you take the NFL’s […]

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10 Secrets to Stay Healthy and Fit While Working in an Office

Let’s face it, being healthy and working is no easy task. Almost all of us have the same cliché New Year’s resolution of being healthier than we were in the past year. However, working nine hours a day doesn’t necessarily give us the time to get a two-hour workout in every day. Luckily for us […]

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Quotes to Kickstart 2017 from Six Stars Who Left Us in 2016

2016 was a year of shocks, surprises, fresh starts and tough goodbyes. As we say farewell to the past and to some of the world’s most inspirational icons, here are six quotes from leaders we lost this year to help you find strength and power through your 2017 goals:   “Tomorrow belongs to those who […]

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