Active Listening Is Important!

Improv Techniques at Work: Active Listening

Boss:“Did you get all of that?” (Your response, from an outside prospective) “Uh, sure…yes!” *Confident Nod* (Your response, from inside of your brain) You:“Oh no, oh no, oh no! What did my boss just say? Who was I supposed to e-mail? Don’t panic; just smile and nod…” Boss:“Good. I expect an update first thing tomorrow!” […]

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Working with a Group of Coworkers? Beware of Groupthink!

Teamwork is common in today’s workplace. Every day, large groups of employees tackle large projects together and learn how to work through differences to reach their common goal. Aside from strong clashing personalities, the biggest thing that can chip away at a team’s efficacy is Groupthink. Some of you may be familiar with the term […]

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