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Summertime Healthy Habits for the Office that You Can Use Year-Round

Being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean signing up for a marathon or sticking to a diet that only involves binging on juice. There are simple, healthy habits we pick up in the summer because the warm weather inspires us to get outside! When healthy behaviors become a regular part of our routine, healthier work habits will […]

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Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle at Work

Maintaining your healthy lifestyle at work can sometimes feel easier said than done. With coworker birthdays, team lunches and working late, eating well and fitting in time for exercise can be tough. Fortunately for your waistline, there are ways you can fight for your healthy lifestyle in the office. Follow these tips: Take the Stairs […]

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Tips on Staying Fit in the Office

For months now, you’ve just been focusing on how good you look in a business suit; then spring and summer start to round the corner, and all of the sudden you have to worry about a swimsuit, too?  Between eating out for lunch every other day, hours on end of sitting in one spot and […]

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