holiday etiquette

The Ultimate Workplace Wish List

What’s that you hear? It’s the sound of sleigh bells jing, jing, jing-a-linging as the holiday season quickly approaches! This time of year is special as we celebrate with loved ones, friends, family and colleagues, and share joy, laughter and the occasional gift or two. But let’s face it, sometimes you just need to gift […]

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“Ho, Ho, Oh No!” Our Company Holiday Party Etiquette Guide

Bust out that ugly sweater, prepare your small talk and get ready to get funky – it’s time for the company holiday party!  After a difficult year of work, everyone deserves to let off a little steam and celebrate the holiday season. Unfortunately, all too often, employees find themselves on the naughty list by breaking […]

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Office Holiday

Holiday Etiquette at Work

Holidays at the office are hard; I’m talking, “finding all of your presents before December 1” hard.  Expectations are sky-high, and everyone has their own personal preferences and family traditions. At its heart, this time of year should really be about showing care and appreciation for those who have impacted our lives throughout the year. […]

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A Quick Holiday Workplace Etiquette Guide

During the week of a major holiday, there probably is a lot going on in your office. Teammates are coming and going; you’re trying to wrap up those last projects before the end of the year, and all the while, everybody is trying to find time to enjoy themselves. We pulled together a few last […]

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