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Dealing with the Post-Interview Silent Treatment

Tick, tock goes the clock from the moment of contact with an interviewer until now. A delayed response can send your mind racing to the worst possibilities. Was there food stuck in my teeth? Did I call the interviewer by the right name? To ease your mind a little bit, remember that recruiting is changing […]

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The Art of Departing from Job Interviews

Let’s be honest, the idea of going on an interview to convince someone that you are awesome enough to hire is a little awkward. There are specific times during interviews that are especially cringe-worthy, one of the worst being the departure. Believe it or not, people often botch this crucial moment because we focus so hard […]

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Job Seeker Interview Checklist

An Interview Day Checklist for Job Seekers

After making it all the way through the online application process, weeks of patiently waiting for a response, multiple phone interviews and a handful of worrisome, sleepless nights, you are most definitely ready to interview – live and in-person – for this new job. Unfortunately, with this next step of your job search journey comes […]

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Ask Our Corporate Recruiter: How Do I Ace My Initial Phone Interview?

Phone screens/interviews are the first step in the long interviewing process with a company, so naturally, you want to ace this test. We asked Carrie, Medix’s Senior Corporate Recruiter, some questions to help you excel at phone interviewing. Check out what she had to say:  How should I prepare for my phone interview? “Phone interviews […]

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