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stand out in a job interview

3 Unconventional Ways to Stand Out in a Job Interview

“I’m a team player.” “I guess my greatest weakness is that I work too hard.” “What sets me apart? Hard work!” Yawn. Let’s face it, a generic job interview can be pretty boring. If you get the feeling that your responses are snooze-worthy, imagine how your interviewer feels. After reviewing a ton of applications and […]

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Here’s What Your Job Interviewer is Thinking

Interview prep is crucial: researching the company, crafting mock answers to common questions, preparing a professional outfit, etc. This portion prior to meeting with a job interviewer is fairly straightforward. The difficult part (and one that not every job candidate considers) is preparing for what’s actually going on in the mind of an interviewer. Once […]

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Personality and Behavioral Assessments for Job Seekers

Increasingly, employers are turning to behavioral assessments to better understand their job candidates and employees. These assessments, also referred to as personality assessments, come in many shapes and sizes, but the goal is ultimately the same – to evaluate what drives potential employees in order to hire the right people for the right roles and […]

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The Final Four of Finding a Job: The Last Steps in Job Search Madness

If you’ve ever had to take on an extended job search, you know firsthand that the process can be as exhausting as any athletic feat. Take, for example, the NCAA basketball tournament. Also affectionately referred to as “March Madness” this annual sports extravaganza, which begins with over 60 talented teams, ends by pitting the last […]

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How to Ask Questions in Job Interviews as a Candidate

If you’re looking for a job, you’ve probably read and reviewed a ton of potential questions that employers might ask you during an interview. From, “What’s your greatest weakness?” to “Tell me a little bit about yourself,” most of us at least have an idea of how to respond to the most common interview prompts. However, many […]

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