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Job Interview Fireworks: 4 Exciting Ways to Dazzle as a Candidate

Let’s be honest, resumes, application forms and formal job interviews don’t necessarily scream “excitement!” However, there are ways for candidates to spice up the black-and-white world of job searching with a little bit of fireworks – not the ones that require fire, but the career kind! After all, recruiters and hiring managers don’t want to […]

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Take Home Job Hunt Gold with the Winter Olympics

Team USA is headed to South Korea, folks! It’s no secret that our Olympic athletes are competing against the best of the best because of their talent and hard work. Much like an Olympic sport, job searching takes practice! Let’s take a look at the most anticipated winter games and job search lessons to learn […]

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How to Answer ‘What’s your Greatest Weakness’ in a Job Interview

You’re in the final stretch of your interview, and you’ve been knocking it out of the park, when the interviewer asks you, “What’s your greatest weakness?” Ugh, eye roll. You expected the question, but hoped it wouldn’t actually be asked in fear of coming off weak, overconfident, or stereotypical. This hauntingly brilliant question for an […]

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Do Your Research: What You Need to Know Before a Job Interview

We’ve all experienced those darn pre-interview jitters. Figuring out what to wear, how to get there, what to say and everything in between can all be a little overwhelming. While there’s only so much you can control, one thing you can do to ease your nerves and boost your confidence is thorough research of the […]

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Do’s and Don’ts When Asking Questions in a Job Interview

Let’s face it, everyone loves to talk about themselves. There’s nothing more annoying than that friend who calls you to brag about what they’re up to, ask for advice, and then hang up without ever asking you about what’s going on with you. If you know the kind of person I’m talking about, you know […]

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