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job search Super Bowl

Job Search Super Bowl: Snack Food Edition

Playing professional football might be the most exhausting activity a human being can take part in…aside from finding a new job, that is. However, after weeks of intense practice, grueling applications and gutting it out in interviews, there’s nothing quite like the sweet taste of job search victory! If you’ve got a hunger for a […]

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looking for a job during the holidays medix

How to Handle the Holidays While You’re Looking for a Job

The sights and sounds of the holidays are here! Alas, many job seekers don’t much feel like spreading cheer. “What will I be able to give without the salary I seek?” “Will companies still be hiring during a holiday week?” Carols, presents and parties by the day, While the job seeker is stuck inside, perfecting […]

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stand out in a job interview

3 Unconventional Ways to Stand Out in a Job Interview

“I’m a team player.” “I guess my greatest weakness is that I work too hard.” “What sets me apart? Hard work!” Yawn. Let’s face it, a generic job interview can be pretty boring. If you get the feeling that your responses are snooze-worthy, imagine how your interviewer feels. After reviewing a ton of applications and […]

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resume skills section

Mad Skills: The Resume Skills Section Explained

With all of the information that can go into a professional resume, it’s only natural to be confused as to what’s absolutely needed for yours. However, there’s one element that every job seeker should feel comfortable including in their final document for employers – the resume skills section. Why Focus on Skills? Unlike some resume […]

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