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resume action words

Resume Action Words Master List, Volume Two

If you fancy yourself a “successful” “hard working” “team player” who is “detail-oriented,” there’s bad news – so does everyone else applying for the same job! Hiring managers reviewing resumes have seen it all, but what they’ve seen the most of are those overused, boring words and phrases that have been baked into resumes for […]

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vote your way to a new job medix

Vote Your Way to a New Job

If you’re in the market for a new job, the most important thing you might do is vote. No, not that thing you do when you participate in democracy (which is also very important), but the V-O-T-E method. This four part process – which includes identifying Victory, Other, Tactics and Expectations – has actually been […]

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fantasy football finding a job

3 Lessons Fantasy Football Can Teach Us About Finding a Job

I was on my way to a fantasy football championship. My draft was a thing of strategic beauty, with each position filled with star power from quarterback to tight end. After the first few weeks of blow out victories, I felt like my team was unstoppable. Then, tragedy struck. First, a slew of injuries took […]

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online job search

Managing Online Job Search Expectations

There’s no avoiding it these days – technology has become a crucial part of job searching. With so many jobs right at your fingertips, it can be overwhelming to know where to start or how to maximize your online job search results. In the same way that you have many jobs at your fingertips, hiring […]

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Sharing Your Strengths and Weaknesses in a Job Interview

“What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?” Talk about a doozy of a question! For most of us, sharing our answer might be difficult with a trusted friend, let alone with someone we just met. Yet, it’s all but guaranteed that you’ll be faced with questions asking you to define your strengths and weaknesses during […]

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