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resume writing master class

Resume Writing: The Comprehensive Guide for Job Seekers

The resume has stood the test of time as the single most important document needed for finding a job. In fact, it is said the the first example of professional resume writing may date all the way back to 1482, for a document belonging to none other than Leonardo da Vinci! While certain elements of […]

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loving work

The Job Search Dating Game: Trends in Loving Work

“Modern love can be a strain.” – Peter Gabriel Heartbreak is nothing new, but every generation seems to find a new way to experience it. As more workers strive to move past “just a job” to find meaningful work, matters of the heart are taking center stage. What does it really mean to love your […]

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job search Super Bowl

Job Search Super Bowl: Snack Food Edition

Playing professional football might be the most exhausting activity a human being can take part in…aside from finding a new job, that is. However, after weeks of intense practice, grueling applications and gutting it out in interviews, there’s nothing quite like the sweet taste of job search victory! If you’ve got a hunger for a […]

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Memorization Techniques for Job Seekers

Name Game: Memorization Techniques for Job Seekers

Over the course of a job search, it’s not uncommon to meet a bunch of new people. Just think of the amount of people involved in networking events, phone interviews and in-person interviews – and that’s all before the first impression marathon that is the first day at a new job! Unfortunately, without preparing for […]

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resume action words

Resume Action Words Master List, Volume Two

If you fancy yourself a “successful” “hard working” “team player” who is “detail-oriented,” there’s bad news – so does everyone else applying for the same job! Hiring managers reviewing resumes have seen it all, but what they’ve seen the most of are those overused, boring words and phrases that have been baked into resumes for […]

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