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How to Highlight Volunteer Experience on Your Resume

Creating and updating your resume on a regular basis is important whether you’re an active job seeker or currently employed. This way, you’ll always have an up-to-date list of your relevant experiences and you’ll be ready to take advantage of career opportunities as they arise. This begs the question, “is experience outside of the work […]

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The Damaging Effects of Ghosting in the Workplace

Boo! Are you prepared to witness top talent disappear in an instant? Ghosting has taken over the office, and it doesn’t seem like a crew of ‘busters’ wearing proton packs will be able to save the day this time. Instead of ghastly figures and creepy sounds, workers are scaring companies with a different kind of […]

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Job Search Tips for New Grads

Graduation should be a time to celebrate. After all, making it through school with a degree is an amazing accomplishment! Unfortunately, the shadow of the looming job search that awaits new grads can put a damper on the party. While graduates have been entering a job market with lower unemployment and higher salaries in recent […]

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10 Most Common Job Interview Questions (and How to Answer Them!)

Once upon a time, job interviews were nonexistent! Instead of going through extensive interview processes, individuals “worked” by completing tasks necessary for survival. In fact, it wasn’t until 1921 that Thomas Edison introduced the first recorded example of a written exam to evaluate a job candidate’s knowledge. As time went on, advancements in our society […]

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Resume Writing: The Comprehensive Guide for Job Seekers

The resume has stood the test of time as the single most important document needed for finding a job. In fact, it is said the the first example of professional resume writing may date all the way back to 1482, for a document belonging to none other than Leonardo da Vinci! While certain elements of […]

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