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3 Lessons Fantasy Football Can Teach Us About Finding a Job

I was on my way to a fantasy football championship. My draft was a thing of strategic beauty, with each position filled with star power from quarterback to tight end. After the first few weeks of blow out victories, I felt like my team was unstoppable. Then, tragedy struck. First, a slew of injuries took […]

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Here’s What Your Job Interviewer is Thinking

Interview prep is crucial: researching the company, crafting mock answers to common questions, preparing a professional outfit, etc. This portion prior to meeting with a job interviewer is fairly straightforward. The difficult part (and one that not every job candidate considers) is preparing for what’s actually going on in the mind of an interviewer. Once […]

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Medix Launches Product to Improve Hiring, Workforce Management and Job Searching

Aha!® Brings New Automation & Analytics for Employers & Job Seekers to Reach Goals (Chicago) May 22, 2018 – Medix, a national organization specialized in workforce solutions and recruiting skilled personnel for clients in Healthcare, Scientific, and Information Technology industries, released Aha!®, its new digital platform to enhance job searching, hiring and workforce management for […]

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Job Search Avengers: Assembling Your Career Crew

In the middle of a lengthy job search, it can feel as though you need super powers to even land an interview. Super speed would be nice for filling out those twenty-page job applications, right? How about an invincible shield to deflect some of those rejection emails? And who wouldn’t want to be a mind […]

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What’s Love Got to Do with Your Job Search?

Love is in the air! Not love for your friends, family, significant other or even pet, but for your next job search! I know you’re probably thinking, “Love trying to find a job? That’s crazy!” but with the right mindset, a little hard work and some lovable tips, you’ll be playing your own Cupid in […]

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