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How to Answer ‘What’s your Greatest Weakness’ in a Job Interview

You’re in the final stretch of your interview, and you’ve been knocking it out of the park, when the interviewer asks you, “What’s your greatest weakness?” Ugh, eye roll. You expected the question, but hoped it wouldn’t actually be asked in fear of coming off weak, overconfident, or stereotypical. This hauntingly brilliant question for an […]

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5 Tech Shortcuts to Tap into the Job Market

How many activities have you completed today that did not involve technology? From the mundane to the complex, everything seems to tap into tech nowadays; coffee machines come equipped with sophisticated computer systems, smart phone apps alert users of the day’s weather and now, even walking is tied to a handy wrist device that counts […]

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Quotes to Kickstart 2017 from Six Stars Who Left Us in 2016

2016 was a year of shocks, surprises, fresh starts and tough goodbyes. As we say farewell to the past and to some of the world’s most inspirational icons, here are six quotes from leaders we lost this year to help you find strength and power through your 2017 goals:   “Tomorrow belongs to those who […]

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