Keeping a Positive Attitude

Five Tips to Beat the Monday Blues

Do you ever have a case of the Monday blues? Well, it’s time to turn that frown upside down! While it’s easy to be down in the dumps on Mondays because the weekend has come to a close, try looking at the beginning of the week from a different perspective. If you’re having trouble grasping […]

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4 Reasons to Not Abandon the Job Search

A rejection call, a failed online application, a disastrous interview – you can never quite tell what could be the last straw that finally causes you to throw up your hands and say, “I’m done!” The job search is not a walk in the park, it’s more like climbing a mountain. After building a solid […]

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How to Stay Motivated during the Job Search

Finding the right job takes time. As the search wears on, the day-to-day work of finding work can slowly weigh you down, suffocating your confidence. A rejection email here. An unreturned phone call there. With every new application comes a little leap of faith; you are repeatedly asked to thoughtfully reflect on your career and […]

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Job Search Positive Attitude

How to Keep a Positive Attitude During the Job Search

Losing a job hurts. It hurts your wallet, hurts your future plans and, if you allow it to, even hurts your outlook on life. Think of it like driving a car: You’ve been speeding down the highway at a comfortable 55 mph when, out of nowhere, someone sitting shotgun just slammed on the brakes. The […]

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Advice for Keeping a Positive Attitude during the Job Search

Is there anything more grueling than the job search? Ask any job seeker, and he/she will probably say no. Between the endless waiting and instant blow of rejection, the job search is a difficult time for many. When going through tough times, it’s often said that maintaining a positive attitude toward the situation can carry […]

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