Leadership Styles

toxic leaders

3 Types of Toxic Leaders (And How to Avoid Becoming One)

While a great leader can truly make a positive impact on your life and career, toxic leaders have the power to do the complete opposite. If you’ve had experience working with both ends of the spectrum, you know that you and your coworkers can just feel the difference – and that the negativity of toxic […]

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4 Leadership Styles: A Baseball and Business Story

Baseball is more than just America’s pastime! Sure, the games are exciting and offer the perfect way to spend a gorgeous day with friends and family, but the lessons learned on the diamond apply to so much more than balls and strikes. After all, World Series championships are earned through leadership! However, no two teams […]

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Reaching Your Super Bowl: A Guide to Goal Setting

At Medix, we celebrate the major team milestones our organization reaches by calling them, “Super Bowls.” Just like the NFL’s biggest game of the same name, reaching a Super Bowl at Medix is cause for some major celebration. We even have championship rings made to commemorate the occasion! After all, when you take the NFL’s […]

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Unleashing your Inner Leader

Although not every employee is necessarily in a leadership position, it is vital to keep leadership skills sharp! Think of leaders who have made an impact in your life and the qualities they possess. How can you implement some of their ways into your daily routine to make your inner-leader shine? Over the course of […]

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