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Resume Errors

Medix Recruiter Cheat Sheet: Resume Errors

Searching for a job requires a good memory. From tips for navigating online job boards, to resume formatting guidelines, to interview faux pas, there is a lot of important information to remember! That’s why we’re spending this week sharing our recruiters’ top tips for job seekers in three common areas of concern: resume errors, follow-up […]

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Nick Medix Financial Analyst Employee Spotlight

Medix Employee Spotlight: Nick

As we prepare to wrap up the work week, the Medix team checks in with Senior Financial Analyst, Nick! We asked him a few questions to learn about his Medix career and distinct business perspective: Please explain your current role at Medix. “I like to consider myself as part of the ‘Data-nance’ team. My Finance role […]

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Medix Employee Spotlight: Sarah, Corporate Recruiter

Medix’s hard-working corporate recruiting team has a new member – Sarah. Although Sarah is new to her role as Corporate Recruiter, she is no stranger in the Medix family. We asked her a couple of questions about herself and Medix career to share her unique story: Please explain your current role at Medix. “I’m currently […]

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