more effective meetings

5 Steps Towards More Effective Meetings

When effective, meetings are a wonderful tool to keep teammates in check and projects moving right along. However, most of us have sat through an unnecessary meeting or two (or two hundred), which led to wasted time! To avoid aimless face time with colleagues, check out these steps towards more effective meetings:   1. What’s […]

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public speaking

Preparing for the Presentation: What You Need to Succeed

When it comes to presentation time, people have some strange ways of psyching themselves up in order to feel prepared. From silent meditations to imagining the audience in their underwear, everyone seems to have last minute tricks that are supposed to make the experience easier. After all, seeing as some people’s fear of public speaking […]

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3 Ways to Spice Up Your Lunch Hour

Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day. Dinner, on the other hand, gets all of the superstar attention that comes with a primetime meal slot. But lunch? Lunch means business. There’s limited time, so any eating or conversation needs to fit into about an hour of meticulously scheduled time. Handheld sandwiches and […]

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Teamwork Through Improv

Improv Techniques at Work: Team Building

Building a strong sense of team can be a challenge; sometimes it takes more than a few meetings and the occasional lunch outing to form a strong group mind. However, the benefits of nurturing a connected, collaborative team are too valuable to ignore. If you find your team caught in an uncomfortable rut, try playing […]

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Active Listening Is Important!

Improv Techniques at Work: Active Listening

Boss:“Did you get all of that?” (Your response, from an outside prospective) “Uh, sure…yes!” *Confident Nod* (Your response, from inside of your brain) You:“Oh no, oh no, oh no! What did my boss just say? Who was I supposed to e-mail? Don’t panic; just smile and nod…” Boss:“Good. I expect an update first thing tomorrow!” […]

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