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Medix Teammate Spotlight: Nathan, National Sales Director in Arizona

Medix recently celebrated fifteen years as an organization! As we look back on the teammates and moments that shaped our history, our Medix Teammate Spotlight series checks in with someone who has been a part of our company from the beginning – Nathan! His Medix story has taken him from recruiting in our very first office outside […]

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Networking Advice: Going Beyond LinkedIn

In 2016, networking is as important as having a well-rounded resume. Some may argue that it’s even more important. ‘Who you know’ really is a huge determining factor when it comes to furthering your career, and in today’s world, most of us associate networking with LinkedIn. While the social media site is a terrific medium […]

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Looking for a Job, as Told by Ice Cream

This Sunday is National Ice Cream Day. When the temperature rises, there’s no denying the positive power of enjoying a cone, cup or, let’s be honest, an entire tub of frozen goodness. In honor of this icy-sweet celebration, we’re sharing lessons about the job search, as told by some of our favorite ice cream flavors: […]

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living document

Why You Should Update Your Resume Today

Your resume is alive! Okay, so maybe it won’t be getting up and making breakfast anytime soon, but your resume should be thought of as a “living document,” one that evolves and changes along with your career. Your resume is your story; if you’re not standing still, your resume shouldn’t be static, either! This means […]

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