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Lead Delegate Teamwork

How to Delegate – Six Tips

As a leader, trying to do everything by yourself is a sure way to develop an ulcer! However, letting work go can be surprisingly difficult. If you are surrounded by a great team, it’s time for you to delegate. Not only does delegation allow you to narrow your focus, it also is an opportunity for […]

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Active Listening Is Important!

Improv Techniques at Work: Active Listening

Boss:“Did you get all of that?” (Your response, from an outside prospective) “Uh, sure…yes!” *Confident Nod* (Your response, from inside of your brain) You:“Oh no, oh no, oh no! What did my boss just say? Who was I supposed to e-mail? Don’t panic; just smile and nod…” Boss:“Good. I expect an update first thing tomorrow!” […]

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Tips on Staying Fit in the Office

For months now, you’ve just been focusing on how good you look in a business suit; then spring and summer start to round the corner, and all of the sudden you have to worry about a swimsuit, too?  Between eating out for lunch every other day, hours on end of sitting in one spot and […]

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