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6 Hacks for Making Your Online Job Search Work for You

Gone are the days of needing to pound the pavement day-in and day-out in order to fill out paper applications in person. Nowadays, your next opportunity could be just a few clicks away! Or so you think. Just like the good old fashioned office-to-office job search, applying to jobs online is a job in itself. […]

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Job Board Hypnosis: Separating Opportunity from Noise

A long list blinks back at you from a dimly lit computer screen. Your eyes are feeling very heavy. Click, click, click; you mindlessly tap your mouse. The postings begin to blend together. As you count the number of potential applications, “2…3…4…” your eyes glaze over. This is job board hypnosis. After staring at a […]

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Tech Trends for Job Seekers in 2016

In 2016, nearly every activity – from checking the weather, to calling a cab, to ordering lunch – can be helped along with a boost from technology; searching for a job is no different! Helpful websites, numerous devices and app after app offer job seekers the promise of a (somewhat) painless process towards finding a new […]

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