“Fall Back” into Bed: Better Sleep Means More Productivity

If waking up to darkened skies really isn’t your cup of tea, your mornings are about to get a bit brighter! This weekend, millions of people will be turning the clocks back one hour, effectively ending daylight saving time. Most of us will probably be welcoming the extra hour of sleep we’ve got coming our […]

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Wake Up! 3 Things to Know About Sleep and Productivity

There are generally two types of sleepers: night owls and deep sleep lovers. According to the CDC, 40 million American workers, or nearly one-third of the workforce, are sleeping 6 hours or less a night; that’s one shocking stat! Whether you’re up all night or just finding yourself sleeping past your snooze alarm, here are […]

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The Four Cs to Beat Workplace Boredom (When Everyone Else is on Holiday Vacation)

What’s that sound I hear in the office on this frigid winter morning? Sleigh bells? A crackling fire? …(Crickets)… Ah, the sound of silence! Yes, offices can get pretty quiet during the holiday season. Between trips out of town, planned vacation time, last-minute shopping, special lunches and everything else festive requiring attention outside of the […]

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4 Ways to Fight Through the Summer Office Doldrums

Due to last minute vacations and getting kids ready to go back to school, August is the month filled with a constant stream of teammates in and out of the office. Projects are on pause. The office is quiet. The work day feels like it’s getting longer and longer. You’re looking out the window and […]

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