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It’s Getting Darker Earlier: 4 Tips for Lights Out Productivity

Between delicious seasonal coffee beverages, sweaters on sweaters on sweaters and gaining back one glorious hour of sleep, it’s no wonder why fall is on the top of plenty of people’s best seasons list. Still, there’s another phenomenon occurring that’s definitely less fun than apple cider donuts, more damaging to productivity than watching football all […]

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4 Biggest Productivity Killers in the Workplace

Productivity seems so easy at the beginning of the work day. While you’re buzzing on that first cup of coffee, it seems like anything is possible. Meetings, writing assignments, calls, emails – you’re going to get it all done and in record time! Until, of course, reality sets in. That extra boost of morning motivation […]

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“Fall Back” into Bed: Better Sleep Means More Productivity

If waking up to darkened skies really isn’t your cup of tea, your mornings are about to get a bit brighter! This weekend, millions of people will be turning the clocks back one hour, effectively ending daylight saving time. Most of us will probably be welcoming the extra hour of sleep we’ve got coming our […]

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Wake Up! 3 Things to Know About Sleep and Productivity

There are generally two types of sleepers: night owls and deep sleep lovers. According to the CDC, 40 million American workers, or nearly one-third of the workforce, are sleeping 6 hours or less a night; that’s one shocking stat! Whether you’re up all night or just finding yourself sleeping past your snooze alarm, here are […]

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