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Resume Writing: The Comprehensive Guide for Job Seekers

The resume has stood the test of time as the single most important document needed for finding a job. In fact, it is said the the first example of professional resume writing may date all the way back to 1482, for a document belonging to none other than Leonardo da Vinci! While certain elements of […]

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The Resume Experience Section Explained

On average, a hiring manager will sift through a resume in the matter of seconds. How in the world does anyone impress a potential employer in that time frame merely based on their resume? The trick is to make sure the top third of the page is not only well-written, but also unique. Every hiring […]

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5 Common Resume Errors to Double Check for Before Clicking ‘Send’

You’re almost ready to apply! The job search can be exhausting, and internet fatigue is a real condition for anyone that’s had to sift through the thousands of opportunities and employers listed on digital job boards. When it finally comes time to click “send” and shoot your application and resume to a potential employer, it […]

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Get Rid of These 4 Resume Mishaps Once and for All!

If you had to take a wild guess at how long recruiters browse through a resume, what would it be? A) 2 minutes B) 4 minutes C) 5 minutes According to a study done by The Ladders, it’s actually none of the above, “recruiters spend only 6 seconds reviewing an individual resume.” That’s right, it can take just six short seconds to […]

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Resume Rewrite Checklist

One of the most important tools available to job seekers is the resume. Refined and perfected through trial and error, this master document linking candidate accomplishments and experience to job opportunities is indispensable. Your resume should be a reflection of your current place along your career path, as well as a roadmap to the future […]

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