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Job Board Hypnosis: Separating Opportunity from Noise

A long list blinks back at you from a dimly lit computer screen. Your eyes are feeling very heavy. Click, click, click; you mindlessly tap your mouse. The postings begin to blend together. As you count the number of potential applications, “2…3…4…” your eyes glaze over. This is job board hypnosis. After staring at a […]

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Why You Should Update Your Resume Today

Your resume is alive! Okay, so maybe it won’t be getting up and making breakfast anytime soon, but your resume should be thought of as a “living document,” one that evolves and changes along with your career. Your resume is your story; if you’re not standing still, your resume shouldn’t be static, either! This means […]

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Job Search

Unlikely Job Search Resources

It used to be that if you were on the job hunt, the newspaper “classified” section was all you really needed. Armed with a highlighter and a strong cup of coffee, job hopefuls could plot out their path to a new career all in one handy place. As the years have rolled on, the newspaper […]

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LinkedIn Networking Tips

Tips to Create a Great LinkedIn Profile

Let’s face it, having a LinkedIn profile is as essential to the job search as a well-crafted resume and cover letter. In the age of selfie sticks and Instagram filters, it only makes sense that your professional-self would need a social presence every bit as unique as your other online channels. Unfortunately, LinkedIn is unfairly […]

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10 Quick Tips to Polish Your Online Presence for Networking

Social media continues to play a larger and larger role in networking, so regardless if you’re job searching or employed, you want your online presence to be professional, yet speak to your personality. Don’t worry! Polishing your online persona does not take a lot of time. Follow these 10 quick tips: Google yourself: Before you […]

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