Why Choose Medix?

When you choose to partner with Medix for your job search or hiring needs, you can expect dedicated professionals passionate about collaborating to overcome challenges and set you up for success. But don’t just take our word for it! Over the years, Medix has earned several accolades for our growth and service to our customers. You can also hear straight from our talent and clients on what it is like to partner with Medix.


  • “What I love about Medix is the feeling that you are not alone in any step of the process – from solidifying a position to rectifying any concerns or problems which might arise.  The personal communication that you receive is reassuring, and that type of professionalism and thoughtfulness is exactly why I am thankful for choosing Medix!”- Timothy
    Medix Talent
  • “Medix cares about its employees to the point where they're treated like family. They provide the necessary tools to help with your job search and provide continuous contact to ensure your placement is going well and follow up with any questions or concerns.  You’re more than just an employee- you’re also a team member, and I couldn't be happier!- Jasmine
    Medix Talent
  • “The Medix team’s support and encouragement provided me with the confidence I required while pursuing a position in which I continue to excel and grow, both professionally and personally.”- Sam
    Medix Talent
  • “The staff is so knowledgeable, and they truly want you to succeed. Through my placements, I have learned so much about the medical field. My recruiter found me a temporary-to-permanent position with a wonderful growing company that’s filled with opportunities.  She's also checked on me continuously to make sure that I'm happy with my position. I feel like I’m a part of a successful team instead of a temporary employee.”- Stacey
    Medix Talent


  • “Medix takes the time to engage its clients in an effort to really impact the businesses they work with, by supplying top level talent, as well as impacting the lives of the employees they place by ensuring placement in ideal situations that are in alignment with the employee’s goals, needs and desires.”- Errold
    Recruiting Manager at a National Commercial Laboratory
  • “I have had the pleasure to work with the Medix team for the last six years.  The team is experienced in my industry and has consistently provided us with the support we need.  The account managers are timely, friendly and very professional.  I appreciate their dedication to my needs.”- Rocky
    Manager at a large PBM
  • “Medix has been a wonderful company to partner with.  They take the time to listen to our needs and deliver what we have asked for. The staff at Medix is knowledgeable, friendly and accountable.”- Stacy
    Manager at a national pharmacy
  • “I trust Medix’s knowledge, expertise and professionalism in hiring – they know the culture of our business and always come through.”- Ana
    Director at a revenue cycle software and services company