Let’s face it, being healthy and working is no easy task. Almost all of us have the same cliché New Year’s resolution of being healthier than we were in the past year. However, working nine hours a day doesn’t necessarily give us the time to get a two-hour workout in every day. Luckily for us busy bees, there are a lot of small things that we can do to stay healthy throughout the day.


Here is a list of things to do to keep your beach bod while working in an office pod:

  1. Drink hot lemon water. Lemons have a lot of health benefits and this is an easy substitute for coffee.
  2. Eat more. The key is to keep small and healthy snacks around to munch on before and after lunch so your meals are smaller.
  3. Jam out. Listening to music is a great way to relax and refocus on the task at hand. According Science of People, music can relieve stress and anxiety, as well as improve sleep and hype up your workouts.
  4. Keep an archive of funny videos. Laughing throughout the day will keep you in a productive mood, even if the new exercise schedule’s got you down!
  5. Use a yoga ball. Sitting in a normal desk chair can hurt your back. Try using a yoga ball instead of a chair to keep your back good, healthy and ready for a workout!
  6. Skip the desk lunch. Getting alone time outside of the office or eating with friends is far better than munching in front of your desk if you’re trying not to focus on food. Make sure to make your lunch break worthwhile and get away from your desk!
  7. Invest in a cool water bottle. As well all know, drinking water has a ton of benefits. Purchasing a fun water bottle will help you keep track of how much water you are taking in.
  8. Don’t eat out of the bag. If you mindlessly snack on food out of a bag, you will find yourself at the bottom of that bag really fast. Keep your snacks in plastic baggies and portioned out properly.
  9. Use a mini diffuser. A diffuser will set a positive mood to increase your energy and keep you calm at the same time. Mini diffusers have many benefits, including reduction of anxiety and purifying the air for any bacteria.
  10. Puzzles keep you from pigging out. Strong mind, strong body! Keep your mind sharp while having a little fun on break.


Staying healthy isn’t as hard we imagine it to be. Working out for hours on end isn’t the only way to keep yourself healthy; the little things are what matters at the end of the day. By keeping these 10 simple steps in mind, your body will thank you and you will stay healthy this year. Do you have any office health tips? Please share below!